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PotentPak contains the full spectrum of real, whole food vitamins your body needs every day. Don’t waste money on hard-to-absorb chemical/synthetic vitamins, since PotentPak is much better for you. Your body needs and better absorbs whole food vitamins. PotentPak provides the finest natural super foods. For example, the rich, natural-source vitamin C in PotentPak is from the highest-quality Amazon camu camu berry and more. Premium wild sockeye salmon provides the richest nonsynthetic source for vitamins A and D plus EPA, DHA, and the most complete spectrum of omega 3-6-9 fatty acids and astaxanthin. PotentPak also supplies nonsoy, non-GMO vitamin E from the world’s finest sunflower seeds. PotentPak has the power of much-needed whole food B vitamins from the finest rice bran and torula yeast. New Zealand grass-fed beef liver supplies additional B vitamins plus B12, vitamins A and D in a pure green chlorophyll capsule. Feel the difference with the raw energy of sun-charged vitamins free of all dyes, synthetics, and additives. Take PotentPak, the highest-quality and only truly natural whole food vitamin supplement plan. Get all the vitamins you need, plus much more—every day in a convenient pak for home or travel.

May be fortified with additional B complex with Potent-B.

Directions: Use a PotentPak daily with or without meals—all at once or throughout the day. For children use 1/2 pak daily—a 60 day supply. Great for the whole family.


14 Day Supply, 30 Day Supply


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