Our Mission

Heal The World

Physician’s Strength supports doctors around the world in their mission and ours to ‘Heal the World and Make it a Better Place.’ That begins with honesty, integrity, and a promise to do no harm. Thus, at Physician’s Strength we begin with the finest ingredients that Nature provides. Ingredients from wild plants are far more biologically active and potent than farm-raised plants – even organic – because wild plants must fight to survive the perils of the wilderness and harsh natural environments.
Mountain range
Ms. Judy with cat

Judy K. Gray, Founder & CEO

In 1999, after years of working to improve the lives of cancer patients as the Director of Nutrition at a Cancer Treatment Center of America hospital in northern Illinois, Ms. Judy K. Gray, known fondly as “Ms. Judy,” came to realize the harshness of the components used in chemotherapy and was vastly disappointed in the low quality supplements she had available to promote optimal health. She turned to nature to find a better way. She founded and is the Chief Executive Officer of both North American Herb & Spice, a company with goals to provide the cleanest, most pure ‘Wild’ supplements to health food stores and individuals, and its sister company, Physician’s Strength which provides a private line of raw, wild-sourced supplements reserved only for medical professionals. Her commitment to healing the world with natural medicines has taken her to every corner of our amazing planet. Ms. Judy has personally traveled to 69 countries in search of the best, most potent medicinal ingredients in the world. And she found them!

Charitable Causes

A tireless worker, Ms. Gray, has contributed substantially to her community. Her company proudly supports native groups with donations, by building schools in Kenya and Turkey, contributing to an orphanage in Nigeria, opening wells in Turkey and by sending highly effective natural supplements to those in need worldwide. She has also been affiliated with Catholic Charities, a Greater Food Foundation, the Covenant House, Heifer, and has donated to numerous animal charities, including the National Tiger Sanctuary in Missouri, and planted more than 10,000 trees in Ontario, Canada.
DHA and National Tiger Sanctuary