Physician's Strength Continuing Education Product Line Program

The Physician’s Strength educational support program is designed to keep the physician, and his staff updated on the latest product releases and ensure a thorough knowledge of the existing product line and its protocol uses.

Besides online resources to include monographs and research studies, Physician’s Strength has a National Educator, Steven Harkins, available for scheduled live training or consultations about existing and new protocols from our product line.

Our continuing education program is available Monday through Friday.
Direct all inquiries to 
or call Steven Harkins at 847-785-5474

Director of Education at Physican's Strength

“Since I was in high school, I have been around herbs & spices and their natural healing benefits. Under the watchful eye of our founder, Ms. Judy K. Gray who holds a Masters of Science in nutrition, I have researched and studied the functionality of wild, raw ingredients, participated in the creation of master formulations, and observed the process of manufacturing clean products. I look forward to sharing my knowledge of the Physician’s Strength product line in an easy-to-use educational format."

--- Steven Harkins