Our goal at Physician’s Strength is to Heal the World to Make it a Better Place. Our mission of positively impacting patient’s lives is achieved by our commitment to finding and formulating the purest and highest quality ingredients.  This is accomplished by having a single-minded focus on research, testing, safety, and consistency in the formulation or our products.  As a resource we work in partnership with our practitioners to educate, advise, and facilitate the timely delivery of our efficacious products to their patients.
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Nutritional Support for a Lifetime of Good Health

Judy K. Gray realized early on that not all nutritional supplements are equal. Accepting the challenge her mission became to find the finest wild ingredients, invent multi-ingredient formulations, and establish clean and safe manufacturing methods. This was achieved with a line of physician focused nutritional supplements of the highest standards that for twenty-five years have been recommended by practitioners to augment treatment plans for their patients.

Patient Health is our Number ONE Priority

At Physician’s Strength everything begins with a patient results-driven approach. It is inherent in the evaluation of ingredients, their arrangement in our unique formulas, and in the commitment to a clean manufacturing process. Knowing that we never compromise on Quality, is why our practitioners confidently prescribe Physician’s Strength’s products to their patients.
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The Potency of P73

Along with North American Herb & Spice, Physician's Strength created the wild oregano revolution. P73 is a special blend of wild, edible oregano oils from the true, natural spice, unmatched in the world. P73 also stands for purity, potency, and high phenolic power. It works. There’s nothing like it in the world.

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