Potent Wild Formulations for Better Health

Physician’s Strength is the world leader in wild spice oil technology. Specializing in powerful antiseptic oils, Physician’s Strength supplements are ideal for holistic practitioners who seek effective alternatives to orthodox drugs.

Moreover, these supplements are derived from a novel source which is rare: 100% wild, mountain-grown spices. Plus, these supplements are based on a plethora of modern research, including a number of studies done at Georgetown University. Consider the studies on the powers of truly wild oil of oregano, as well as the multiple spice oil combination known as Oregacillin. The studies regarding these are compelling.

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Formulated Specially for Health Care Professionals

Physician's Strength is the preferred source for health practitioners who use alternative medicines within their practices. Our products are made with only the finest wild and organic herbs and spices such as wild high-mountain oregano, sage, and cumin. Physician's Strength has the research and knowledge needed to assist healthcare professionals in making the very best choices for their patients. Try our research section to view our comprehensive research database.

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