A Patient Care Approach for Holistic Health Care Providers

Our goal is to provide you and your patient with natural whole food supplementation. We recognize the lack of nutritional sustenance in the standard American diet and the desire for your patients to find a path to a higher quality of life. By forming a partnership with Physician’s Strength, we assure you that our staff of professionals will always be available to assist you in growing your practice holistically.
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Our mission is to provide nutritional supplements to your patients efficiently and effectively. Which is why Patient Connect and online ordering platform was built for ease of use. Under the health care professional’s guidance your patients will be able to follow your recommend protocols and receive the nutritional supplements they need.
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On-Premise is a hybrid program that gives the Health Care Practitioner a choice; stock and dispense Physician’s Strength products while the patient is visiting the practice. Or utilize the Patient Connect referral code, especially for supplements that are not in stock. Combining both methods gives the Healthcare Practitioner the flexibility to recommend the most efficacious products to their patients. Both programs use an online portal to manage the practice’s logistics and inventory, allowing the Practitioner to spend more time with their patients.