84% high-carvacrol wild oregano oil plus high-phenolic clove bud and cinnamon oils

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Ultracidal is the only truly high-carvacrol, wild oregano oil supplement available. Pockets of rare, wild oregano can be found in the Turkish remote wilderness, which produces oil containing 84% carvacrol. These pockets are found up to 12,000 feet above sea level. This is where the oil in Ultracidal comes from.

Nothing can match Ultracidal in power and potency–that’s why it’s called Ultra. Cheaper imitations are made by adding synthetic carvacrol or adulteration through double and triple distillation. This never occurs with Ultracidal, since the carvacrol is strictly from nature: 100% wild-source. Carvacrol is a key active ingredient and has a great potency as a biofilm agent. Such high carvacrol levels give the oregano oil exceptional power, both as an antioxidant and antiseptic. The clove bud and cinnamon oils are powerful synergists and, as demonstrated by Zhang and his group, offer great potency for biofilm dissolution.

Carvacrol is a potent natural antihistamine. As well, it is one of nature’s most powerful antiseptics, displayed by hundreds of scientific studies, which demonstrate antiviral, antifungal, antiparasitic, and antibacterial powers.

84% to 85% is the maximum level of carvacrol found in nature. Oregano oils claiming levels of 88% and higher are suspect and undoubtedly adulterated. Even if claimed to be Mediterranean source and wild, it could still be adulterated.

Another corruption that occurs is farm-raised oregano. Here, cultivars are selected, even cloned, from high carvacrol varieties. It is never natural but is, rather, artificially selected. Regardless, oregano never grows naturally on farms in dirt. Rather, it thrives exclusively in rocky mountain areas, growing right out of the rock with minimal to no soil. That’s why it is so hardy and powerful to the extreme, and that’s why Ultracidal, truly wild source, never adulterated, is your perfect choice as the most powerful oregano oil supplement known.

How to use Ultracidal: Use Ultracidal as drops under the tongue or in juice/water or with meals, and also topically, rubbed on the skin or applied to the gums and teeth. Taken orally, it can be consumed in modest amounts, like five drops twice a day, or more aggressively, up to 40 or more drops three times daily.


1 FL OZ Sublingual Drops, 120 gelcaps


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