Turmeric Extra Strength


Discover the extraordinary range of health benefits associated with regular consumption of high-grade wild turmeric. At Physician’s Strength, we prioritize delivering unparalleled quality, sourcing our turmeric directly from a protected forest preserve in India, untouched by pollution or soil contamination. Our turmeric is cultivated without the aid of farming techniques, ensuring its original authenticity. Through a pure extraction process, we obtain a concentrated resin oil that maximizes the desired curcumin and turmerone compounds. We have enriched our formula with carefully selected wild Oreganol p73, ginger, and rosemary oils to support a comprehensive body inflammation response. Experience the remarkable effectiveness of the only inflammation support formula micellized for rapid absorption, hexane-free, and black pepper-free, designed for everyday use.

  • Free of hexane and all petrochemical solvents
  • Includes all 200+ naturally occurring phytochemicals for best results
  • 4-in-1 inflammation support formula in convenient soft gels
  • No GI Irritating Black Pepper Added
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Take two capsules daily with or without meals.